Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fringe Shows

I was most excited about organising the CFW Fringe Show's which are a platform for the very best emerging designers from top SriLankan Universities. So, when (on my first day) they told me that I would be presenting the Fringe Shows however doubtful I was I ended up agreeing to do it and am so glad I did because it really was an honor to introduce these talented and very passionate young ladies...

Best Of

 Lanka Institute of Technology

Purple left - Akhila Karunaratne who was inspired by SrilLankan Murals and used traditional production methods such as handloom.

This collection was sporty, bright and full of texture by Shamara Alles.

University of Moratuwa (UOM)

Mihiri Bandumali 

Academy of Design (AOD)

AOD, otherwise known as the Ethical Design Hub, has created a new breed of fashion entrepreneurs, ethical award winners and designers who are highly skilled and at the same time conscious of their surroundings and there really couldn’t be a better two to best represent this AOD’s ethos. 

First up we have NITHYA. Her inspiration came from native SriLankan women, their traditional costume the “osariya” and the way they draped their saree. The production techniques used in this collection range from warp printing to traditional handloom weaving and last year At Srilankan Design Festival NITHYA was awarded the Best Innovative Textile Designer Award. 

Next up we have LONALI who lovingly transforms unwanted luxury textiles, trims and clothing into stylish, original and wearable art. This particular collection was made using factory cut offs and discarded clothes labels which, Lonali shredded to get this furry, feather-like effect. The designs aim to celebrate life through innovative and unique designs while reducing the environmental impact in processing. She was the winner of the Ethical Fashion Award 2010 at the SriLankan Design Festival and has been approached by Orsola De Castro, the founder of Esthetica which is the Ethical side to LFW.

Keep up to date with the lovely Lonali here 

Not only are these two young ladies lovely but there passion, innovation and ability to balance style and ethics so brilliantly is totally inspiring! I was very pleased to see that the lovely Mathilde from HiTv Magazine also felt the same way - this is a pic of the girls interview after the show.

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