Thursday, 1 March 2012

Colombo Fashion Week, SriLanka

Day 1

Meet the team - one of which hands over to meet as she'll be in China a week before the show (thanks, Niro) aaand get badly ripped off by a tuk tuk guy - need to work on my haggling - how could I be mad though?

Day 2 & 3

Having had a heads up from Roshnee, it was clear that this weekend would be my only beach time and that's exactly where I stayed all weekend

Day 4

Team brief for the week ahead - Volunteers confirmed - all is going smoothly until...

Day 7

When after having spent the best part of each sunny day trying to pin down a truck as well as make-up&hair, models&music, rails&hangers etc... the truck fell through... fail. Luckily Naila came to the rescue... The SriLankan Red Cross... why didn't I think of that!

Days 5 & 6

Were spent at various opening parties, talks and shows for the Colombo Art Biannual all thanks to mum for being Mrs Arts. Here's just a few of the many snaps I took...

Party on Park Street

The Warehouse Project

Big Gold Digger. National Museum of Art

Hand loom at the Barefoot Gallery

Day 8

Pick up day - is when you drive around all day long in the heat picking up all the backstage necessities  - thank god we had a brilliant team to help!

Days 9 & 10

Moved into the Hilton (not literally) and ready to roll with the first day of fit-ons

Taylor ... check
(Naila: Hang on isn't that Rani's dress? Me: he wanted to keep busy?...!)



The BEAUTIFUL collection by local designer Deneth who won this years Best Designer Award. She makes her cotton collections in a small village called Kurunegala outside of Colombo.

Day 11



Day 12

Pre-party at the Dutch Hospital

Day 13

Friday 23rd and the first day of Colombo Fashion week '12

Lilian Pereira
Highlights - her quilted silks

Gaetano Navarra

Highlights - EVERYTHING but the gold belt is top of my wish list! 


KT Brown

Makes all her collection in her Park Street store 

After party at The Elephant Room - I paced myself well

Day 14

Bibi Russell 

Highlights - her bright pop colours and watching the models dance there way down the catwalk - smiling!


The Delightful Deneth Piuma

Highlights - her floral suit - Yinka style!



Highlights - the light light silk and such strong, block colour

After party at The Elephant Room - less said about that the better!

Highlights - William Richard Green on the decks... although it was more of a shall we say pop crowd - no complaints from his assistant Russell though! 


Day 15 

And the last day of the show - 4 volunteers down (must make a rule to allow them to the closing party only) 11 designers to go and a very sore head. That, combined with the fact that we had four models each to look after meant that sadly I missed all the Sunday shows...

But here are some manic backstage snaps and I will follow up with a cover of Sunday's show at a later date with, better photo's! 

Hair & Make-up and goody bags (late and very very last minute)

Four very tired ladies - Niro, Naila, Roshnee & Rani still made it to the Closing Party - Well kind of, I did fall asleep on the dance floor...

until next year that is

I have much much more to share but for now I'm off to a well deserved staff party - thank you Ajai. 

Coming soon, a big piece on the afternoon Fringe Shows, more about some of the designers and a factory visit....

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