Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I seem to have done it again... I've neglected my blog even though it's been on the top of my 'To Do' list... for months!

Now I'm back and to sum up my summer I'm going to start with the glorious holidays I've had and some of the brilliant places I've been.


Manu and I, classic tourist pic for the mums and yours truly....

The National Film Institute which, was being built when I last came and now looks more spectacular than I could have imagined. Grab your bikes and hope over on the bus-ferry then dinner at Hotel Goudfazant (a little secret that a very well informed local told me)

A great day out shopping at Hutspot a new and very select concept store, Amsterdam's version of Merci, Dover Street but with more of a thought through environmental/eco edge, as seen... 

here! Custom made BAMBOO BIKE, love/want!

Followed by dinner at THE BEST kept secret in Amsterdam shared with me by the cool local mentioned before you have to call the chef, Nico to request for this very special restaurant to open. With only 5 tables and your 15 dishes (and that's just the antipasti) descriptively explained by Nico and made as he says 'With love' you really can't help falling in love! I like to call the place Nico's but Nico calls it, Sogni Del Sud