Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I seem to have done it again... I've neglected my blog even though it's been on the top of my 'To Do' list... for months!

Now I'm back and to sum up my summer I'm going to start with the glorious holidays I've had and some of the brilliant places I've been.


Manu and I, classic tourist pic for the mums and yours truly....

The National Film Institute which, was being built when I last came and now looks more spectacular than I could have imagined. Grab your bikes and hope over on the bus-ferry then dinner at Hotel Goudfazant (a little secret that a very well informed local told me)

A great day out shopping at Hutspot a new and very select concept store, Amsterdam's version of Merci, Dover Street but with more of a thought through environmental/eco edge, as seen... 

here! Custom made BAMBOO BIKE, love/want!

Followed by dinner at THE BEST kept secret in Amsterdam shared with me by the cool local mentioned before you have to call the chef, Nico to request for this very special restaurant to open. With only 5 tables and your 15 dishes (and that's just the antipasti) descriptively explained by Nico and made as he says 'With love' you really can't help falling in love! I like to call the place Nico's but Nico calls it, Sogni Del Sud

Thursday, 1 August 2013


After 25 yrs 2 trucks and 3 containers we have sold our family home... on to the next chapter

Tip - I could not have moved without the brilliant team from J Fisher Removals they are flexible, supportive, quick, efficient, mussel-y and fairly priced all you want from a team you can trust with all your precious possessions

After a hard days work it's off to the West End to see Charlie...!


I SPY the AMAZING (god father) PAUL MEDFORD who plays Mr Beauregarde but not forgetting the UMPA-LUMPA's!

Magical! Unforgettable! A MUST SEE!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

It's been a busy few weeks... Here's what I've been up to

Opening Night


Another joyous event at the RA wonderfully presented with a fine spread and champagne - RA team you make my week nights all the better!

He designed the Pompidou Centre and re-designed one of my fave London arts centre The South Bank Centre - this is a brilliant exhibition highlighting the very best of his best work and character - particularly well high-lighted with the Pop theme colours running throughout


Tuesday, 9 July 2013



St.Tropez#Birthday party#Well dressed#Free-flowingRose&Champagne


The (BEAUTIFUL) Marguerite Foundation - the Giacometti courtyard 

Other artists include Miro/Chagall/Braque/Tapies/Leger and many more - A MUST GO

The Musee Picasso, Antibes - Fabulous collection also featuring Giacometti figures lined along the wall, against a sparkly blue sea - ALLEZ!

Finishing off the sunny weekend with a chilled sun-set-sea-view BBQ

Word for the weekend? 


Friday, 5 July 2013


Brilliant time at the opening of Shake Shack in Covent Garden 

all thanks to the clever pair behind The Clove Club - THANKS Jonny and Danny!

Now packing for a fun filled weekend in Marseille


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mexico - A Revolution In Art 1910-1940

I had a wonderful time at the opening of the Royal Academy of Arts 'Mexico' exhibition

Beautiful setting, yummy canapes and lots of wine with George and the lovely Gabriella 

Fabulous Gabriella with big Frida Kahlo brows!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Truth Behind the Labor - Hanawala - Factory Visit

I met a guy over dinner one night who questioned me on Ethical Fashion 

Him: "What IS Ethical Fashion?" 
Me: "I don't know - it means different things to different people - what does it mean to you?" 
Him: "My workers are happy and treated fairly UNTIL you (he means 'the west') make last minute changes to your orders or design, want the delivery a week earlier and argue over pushing the margins down by even a rupee every season - that, is when we are forced to change OUR ethics'"
Me: "Humm tell me more"...

And so I went down to his factories in Hanawella to take a look for myself.

This factory makes clothes for some of the UK's biggest retail outlets - at a closer look and a chat with the department head teams, including some of the English speaking workers It is sad to say that their biggest problems in fair trade production come from the decisions that we make over here...

So, What is the answer? And who has them? 

New Look are training their staff on the production process as a whole with emphasis on the impact that their changes and decisions have on the makers this, is a good start but much more can be done.

People to talk to? 

The Centre for Sustainable Fashion give great advice on trading and alternative methods of production 

A Boy Named Sue have great examples of how to source sustainably 

As do UK, Isle of Wight based brand Rapanui

Une petite balade

Excuse my silence!
I have been on wonderful adventures and in the midst of having too much fun I've neglected my blog!
Any way, back now and here's a summery of what's to come

I fell in love... with a France, Corsica, Italy, Mallorca and a lovely man from Marseille 

Paris for 6months

First stop on our 3month road trip the beautiful Marseille 

Back to London and ready to start a 6month Pop-Up project with coolest charity
The Environmental Justice Foundation 

Stay tunned!